VirtualTime: a new VR temple opened in Paris

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VirtualTime Room VR

The rooms devoted to virtual reality are gradually beginning to flourish in the capital. After the MK2 and MindOut , it is VirtualTime’s turn to embark on the adventure. Located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, this concept store aims to open the RV for all.

VirtualTime is located at 38 rue d’Aboukir. The room of 130m ² in the colors gray and blue wants to be a space entirely dedicated to the virtual reality. The concept store has been open for a month and offers different experiences for gamers and uninitiated .

The concept of VirtualTime to grow

For the moment, the space of the room contains 6 play spaces . 4 stands dedicated to games with the Oculus Rift and 2 seats equipped with HTC Vive. These contain various experiences in virtual reality aimed at several types of audience: gamers, racing simulators or simply uninitiated. “The primary purpose of our concept store is really the evangelization of the RV to the general public,  ” explains one of the animators.

For gamers the experiments are diverse and varied, it is possible to play solo to Robo Recall or Arizona Sunshine . The multiplayer is not left behind with titles such as Dead and Buried or even Star Trek Bridge Crew via a LAN connection between the different gaming booths . Finally, automotive simulators will appreciate the bucket seat equipped with an HTC with steering wheel, crankset and gearbox to release Project Cars.

On the side of experiments for all, essential contents are available. Games such as The Climb, The Blu or Tilt Brush will help everyone understand the RV. “For kids, a game like Fruit Ninja VR is the best way to learn. “

We do not define ourselves as a VR arcade but well experienced VR »

On 28 June, the RV room offered its users another element to improve immersion: the SubPac M2 . The jacket allows users to feel the low infras within the experiences. If its use seems debatable on the contents exclusively video games it is ideal for the interactive contents.

The layout of the stands offers ten square meters for each player. They have a storage space for personal belongings. For the computers they are running with a 1080 Ti graphics card so that all games can run optimally, even The Climb which nevertheless claims a lot .

As for the price range and offer, VirtualTime adapts to the demands of their customers. Thus, it is possible to privatize the room for several and thus be able to ensure that all can play. As for the normal rates , 30 min of VR costs 19 € while the hour is invoiced 35 €.

VirtualTime is open:

  • Monday – Wednesday: from 12h to 22h
  • Thursday: from 12h to 2h in the morning
  • Friday: from noon to midnight
  • Saturday: 10 am to midnight
  • Sunday: from 10 am to 7 pm


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